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1000 Artist Followers
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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Artist/User Link Only
Not for Playlists
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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Mini Plays
1000 Song Plays
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Delivered Within 2-3 Days
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Automatic Refills
Track Link Only
Not for Playlists

Why SHOULD I Buy Spotify Followers?

Buying Spotify followers creates a snowball effect because people see that your music is popular so they want to check you out!

While it may seem unusual to buy followers like this it’s no different than buying other types of advertising except that our services are a LOT cheaper and get you results fast.

Buying Spotify plays or playlist followers can give your new music release the boost it needs to get noticed. You’re just giving your brand and your music a jump-start to get the avalanche of plays started!

Try a small sample on one of your songs or playlists to see how it works.

Why Buy With Us?

Gain Exposure

We offer high quality followers and plays for Spotify to jump-start your audience and get noticed. We're here to help you with your music (ad)venture!

Great Support

Our commitment doesn't end after the sale! We strive to gain your confidence and trust even after sale. Contact us anytime! We're going to be adding more support options in the near future.

High Quality Followers

We only offer high-quality Spotify Followers and Spotify Plays. These are not bots. You won't get blocked (keep it reasonable though). Increase your stats today!

Simple Order Process

We only need your Spotify profile URL and we will handle the rest. No need to register, remember a complex password, fill out long forms. We have a simple 1-click order process!

"What they do is totally Unreal. They gave me some real good exposure on spotify. Highly recommended! "
Max L. Sims

Why Buy Spotify Followers?

Followers on Spotify will not only give you an initial audience to engage and grow, but it will also give you profile authority.

Review some of the other benefits of jump-starting your Spotify account –

  • Easy Exposure
  • Initial Feedback and Reviews
  • Authority and Branding for yourself
  • Potential Gigs


Here’s a typical example:

1. You order 1,000 followers at 2 PM Eastern.
2. Later that day we review your order and note your current follower count, playlist play count, or song play count.
3. We send the order to our fulfillment team.
4. Our fulfillment team adds the order to their queue. But they may have hundreds of other orders to fulfill ahead of yours.
5. We check on the order every day to see how it’s progressing.
6. Once the order is finished we mark it “complete” which automatically sends you an email.
7. It may still take another 48 hours before the counts are updated publicly. We use a Spotify API (geeky tech stuff) to check your order which is updated faster than the public counts.

Note: We are actively working on automating this process so that there’s less human interaction.


This is a manual process and we are working on automating it to improve fulfillment times.

Please read some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

We’ve sent you details in your email which tell you when to expect your order to be complete.

Also, each of our products have information on how quickly you will receive your order.

The delivery time varies according to the quantity and the current system load.

Orders are manually sent to our fulfillment team within 12-18 hours depending on the time of day we receive them. We are working to automate this part.

The fulfillment team adds the orders to their queue and there may be many orders ahead of yours.

Small, simple orders like artist/user followers usually finish within a few hours after we submit them to the fulfillment team.

Large or complex orders like song/playlist plays where we have to play each song may take a few days to completely finish especially if there are several people ahead of you.

Spotify updates the public stats on the website once per day.

Depending on the timing of your order, you may not see the public website updated for a day or two.

The desktop Spotify app typically updates faster.

The Spotify API (it’s a technical developer geek thing) is updated much faster than both and that’s what we use to determine if your order is complete.

After your order is complete you should see your stats updated on all of your devices within 48 hours.

Ouch. That hurts, but we understand.

The problem is that now you’ve totally screwed yourself on both orders.

We use the counts from Spotify to tell when your order is complete. If you order 1,000 followers from two websites and they start around the same time, both websites will check with Spotify before adding more followers. As soon as the follower count goes from 0 to 1,000 both websites will stop even if you ordered 1,000 followers from both.

If two orders are running at the same time you’re not going to get all of the followers you paid for.

So please wait for your order to finish before ordering again.

You can also contact us if you want to set up a recurring order.

Yes, click the gear icon to view your settings and then click on your profile to see your followers. Remember it may take a few days for Spotify to update the public counts.

You can go for any service you like, both of them provide equal benefits. Maybe order some plays now and then some followers later.

These are people who are paid or given incentives to follow profiles and play music. They follow hundreds of profiles every day. You might capture them if your content is good. And, they are absolutely safe for your profile. But be smart – don’t order 50,000 followers if you only have 1 song and no one has played it yet. It would be more natural to order combo packages of plays and followers each month to mimic an email blast or some sort of promotion.

If you want to place a large or complex order please contact us. We can likely give you a discount and help select the right combination of followers, plays, and playlist followers for your account.

We don’t really need it but it does help us if you order multiple products over a short period of time. See the FAQ above about ordering multiple services without waiting for the current orders to finish.

If you order 1,000 track plays on Monday and then another 2,000 on Tuesday we will probably recognize your name and wait to submit the second order until the first one finishes so that you get all of the units you ordered.

We found that people use multiple email addresses and it was easier to recognize names.

You can give us a stage name if you want…just be sure to use the same one for each order.

We don’t sell your name or email address to anyone.

We use your country code to see where people are buying followers. We will be adding country-based followers as a new product soon and want to see which countries we should add first.


Our team plays each track for at least 30 seconds seconds so that you can get royalties from the play.

So if you order 10,000 track plays that would take 13 days from one device assuming we played at least 2 minutes of the song.

We use more than one device, of course, but there could be 10 customers ahead of you that ordered 500,000 track plays.

We monitor the progress on your order every day and poke our team when they are running behind.

Not yet but we will be adding that soon™. Until then, please contact us and we can set up a recurring order manually.

No. This is a totally independent service not associated with the brand Spotify in any way.

Looking for more options?

We have lots of different Spotify packages, bundles, and options below. And if you don't find what you need just ask! We can do it!