Guitars are considered to be the coolest musical instruments in the world.

Unlike pianos, saxophones, and flutes, guitars dominate the world of music. If anyone goes up to sing on stage, they are usually seen with a guitar.

You could argue that the tradition started with the Beatles. You could also say that it started with the minstrels who played ballads to entertain medieval kings.

Whatever the reason, the guitar is here to stay. There has been an explosion of paid and free guitar tuner apps around the world. That’s a good thing too since more musicians are trying to break into the music industry than ever before.

So for all of you who want to tune their guitars without a hassle, here are the best free guitar tuner apps.

How Do I Tune My Guitar with a Tuner App?

The basic protocol that all guitar tuner apps follow is putting their guitars next to their microphones. Then, they play certain notes on the guitar and the tuner tells them which note is playing. By tightening their strings, they can get the exact chords they need.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner

This is considered to be the top guitar tuner
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The Chromatic Guitar tuner app is often considered the gold standard when it comes to guitar tuners.

The app is equipped with a digital tuning fork for those who need it. It’s great for tuning a wide variety of musical instruments including a guitar, piano, violin, and cello.

It has various modes that you can use to tune your guitar, including Chromatic, tuning fork, and automatic mode. However, there is no need to switch between the modes if you’re tuning a guitar.

If you’re looking for the best guitar tuner app, you don’t need to look any further.

The Chromatic guitar tuner is only available on the Google Play Store.

Cifra Club Tuner

Cifra is great for acoustic guitars
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This is one of the best free guitar tuner apps on the market.

It’s compatible with both tablets and smartphones and is a great app for beginners.

The app isn’t limited to beginners since the interface allows people of all playing levels to use it, and the latest version of this app is available on the Android Wear smartwatches too. Hence, you don’t even need to have your phone with you for it.

The user-friendly nature of the app means that you will never feel perplexed when tuning a guitar.

This app is available for both Android and iOS.


Cleartune is generally considered to be pretty good
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Cleartune is a renowned chromatic tuner.

It takes the built-in microphone in your device and then accurately allows you to tune it.

The app’s interface is great too, and it allows you to tune the guitar with a tuning wheel.

The app is also paired with a fine-tuning meter that can help to get the right note.

This app can be used for various musical instruments, besides a guitar. You can use it to tune electric and acoustic guitars as well as brass, pianos, woodwinds, etc. It’s so simple that even a beginner can use it without much difficulty.

This app is available for iOS and Android systems.

Fender Tune

Named after the iconic guitar this app has loads of options
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The Fender Tune app which is named after the iconic electric guitar used by many rock musicians is fantastic.

It has 26 different tuning modes that can tune different types of musical instruments. For example, you can tune an electric and acoustic guitar, but also a ukulele and a bass. You can also tune a piano and several wind instruments.

The best part about the Fender Tune app is that its algorithm provides enhanced pitch detection. This allows for a fast and accurate tuning experience. There are also illustrated tips included to help you tune your guitar.

Fender tune is available on both Android and iOS.

Tuner Lite

Tuner Lite offers some of the most accurate guitar tuning options
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Tuner Lite uses the built-in microphone of your device like all the others, but its customization option sets it apart from the rest. It has transposition and custom temperament presets installed. This means that you’ll be able to tune your guitar for different shades of music.

If you want to play the blues or pop or something else, you’ll be able to get the tone right.

You can go for the pro version of the app if you want the additional fine-tuning display.

This app is available on both Android and iOS.


Yousician is great for novices
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This is an app that is made for beginners through and through. Along with a tuner it offers step by step tutorials as well.

The app has a feature that lets you play and listen to feedback from the app. This means you’ll have a teacher that will be giving you advice while you get better. This makes Yousician one of the best apps for tuning guitars for beginners.

Yousician is available on both Android and iOS.

Chords & Tabs 

Chords & Tabs stands shoulder to shoulder with the best guitar tuners out there
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This is an extension of the site Ultimate Guitar, where everyone goes to get chords for songs. This is where the app shines and is considered one of the best apps for tuning guitars.

It has a library of hundreds of thousands of lyrics and chords. It also has a killer tuning option which is more accurate than anything out there.

For many, this is the gold standard app out of them all.

It’s one of the oldest apps for tuning guitars as well. It’s at least a decade old by now. For iOS at least, this is considered to the best guitar tuner. Chords and Tabs are available on both Android and iOS.

Pro Guitar Tuner

Pro Guitar tuner is a great addition to your music app library
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This is a guitar tuning app that is well-reputed.

It has a website and it enables its users to use the computer for tuning.

It is a chromatic tuner and supports a lot of non-stringed instruments as a result.

The app also has a feature to listen to the sound from the guitar clip-on or the headset. Hence, it not only uses the built-in microphone but external mics as well.

This is why this app is used by a lot of professional guitarists to deliver high-quality songs. The tuning this app gives is considered to be the gold standard for the best free guitar tuner app.

Pro Guitar Tuner is available on both iOS and Android.

Smart Chords & Tools

Smart Chords & Tools is a great all-in-one app
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While the others that are on this list may be better at tuning, this one has so many options you’ll want.

Smart Chords & Tools is an all-in-one app that ticks almost every box you could think of.

It’s suitable for beginners and professionals.

It offers a great range of chords and many fingering options. It also has a lot of interlocking tools including scales, metronome, arpeggios and a reverse chord finder.

The app also includes 350 presets which allow you to tune different instruments. Left and right-handed people can use it quite well since it supports both modes.

Smart Chords & Tools is only available on Android.


These guitar tuners apps are some of the best in the world. They can help you tune almost any major instrument that you can get your hands on and then some.

However, the best for you may differ from the best on the list. You need to find out which one is best for you.

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