If you want to be a successful musician today, you need to become a social media pro. With most new music being streamed on Spotify, your online presence is crucial.

And, you can’t just market your music. You need to market yourself.

The world of social media marketing can seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite creative. As a musician, seeing social media as another form of expression can make it easier. Plus, the rewards you’ll reap from doing it well can shoot you to stardom.

Interested in how to use social media marketing for musicians? Keep reading for the top seven tips.

1. Diversify Your Posts

Yes, posting live recordings of your music create awesome content that people want to see. But, there are many other types of posts that show who you are as a musician.

Consider posting about the origin of a song you wrote. Or, post an image of something you find inspiration in.

Even if you’re a shy and private person, learn to post about yourself on your pages. This allows fans to become fans of you as well as your music.

Some other successful types of content to post are:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Question and answers
  • Throwback Thursdays

Posting sincere, honest moments you’re going through allows people to relate to you. Then, they can also relate to your music because they’ve seen what inspires it.

Social media marketing is all about finding your authentic followers who feel loyal to you. These are the people that will pay for your music and concerts.

2. Update Your Profiles

The bio section on each of your platform profiles is a lucrative space. You get a limited number of characters to get your message across. Who are you and what do you want people to know?

You may want to mention where you’re from or where you’re based. This garners interest from local fans.

If you have a tour coming up, a link to your tour dates should be in your bio.

The information you post on one platform’s bio should be consistent across other platforms. Branding yourself is a huge part of marketing for musicians. Be consistent and authentic everywhere you show up online.

3. Share Your Fans’ Posts

How exciting is it when fans post content that shows their love for you and your music? Don’t let it get to your head, but also don’t take it for granted.

Your fans’ content is perfect for re-purposing.

Re-post a nice post about you to your Twitter, Insta Stories, or Facebook page. Give love back to the people who share it with you.

Engaging with your followers shows them you care. It also shows people who are considering becoming fans that you’re genuine and real.

4. Interact with Your Peers

Just like engaging with your fans is important, engaging with your peers is crucial. You peers are fellow musicians and creatives.

These are people who will promote you because you’ll promote them. They’re also likely musicians that you genuinely admire and listen to.

Comment on their posts, share their content, and tell your audience about them. Spread the love because there’s more than enough to go around.

5. Make the Most of Videos

Video marketing is the most effective form of marketing online today. People would rather watch a video than read a post.

And, it captures who you are better than a text post.

Use videos on all your social media pages. Post videos of live performances, at-home writing sessions, and behind the scenes clips.

Take advantage of the live video features on Instagram and Facebook. Do a real-time question and answer session. Poll your followers and respond to their answers.

Video content on social media always does better than text-based content. So, prioritize creating this type of content for all your pages.

6. Promote Upcoming Releases

Do you have an EP coming out soon? Going on tour? About to release a music video, new merch, or announce a contest?

Social media is the number one place to promote these things.

You have a concentration of followers on each platform that are interested in what you offer. They’re primed to learn more about the event or launch and then pay to be involved.

Remember to include your genuine feelings about the upcoming release or event. Don’t just make a post with upcoming tour dates. Record an Instagram Story about what this tour means to you and what you’re most excited for about it.

Your role on social media is to show your followers why they need to buy a ticket to your concert. They won’t just get to listen to your music, they’ll get to spend an evening with you.

7. Show Your Other Sides

You’re more than just a fantastic musician. You likely have other interests, hobbies, and quirks. These are the things that make you human, not just a star.

Music-lovers want to know the story behind the music and the musician.

While most of your content will be related to your music, don’t be afraid to show your other sides. If you’re hanging out with family, that can become content. If you’re a Settlers of Catan aficionado, that can become content.

Consistent posting is key for successful social media marketing. But, remember to always be authentic to who you are. Stage personas are great, but authentic musicians are more successful on social media.

Want More Tips on Social Media Marketing for Musicians?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are where your fans hangout. That means you need to be present there, too.

Through strategic social media marketing for musicians, you can grow an online following. These are the people that will buy tickets to your shows and order your records.

They’re also the ones who will find you on Spotify and stream your music. Having lots of Spotify followers helps grow your career. Learn more about how to boost your Spotify streams, listens, and follower count here.

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