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30-Day Refill Guarantee

Every customer agrees to our terms and conditions, our refund policy, and our refill guarantee when they place an order.

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We guarantee that if the number of Spotify units that you purchased from Spot On Fire falls below that number within 30 days of purchase, we will refill those units free of charge.

A “unit” is a single artist/user follower, a playlist follower, a song play, a podcast play, or a track save.

Followers Example

For example, if you had 10 followers and you ordered 1,000 followers you should have at least 1,010 followers when your order is complete.

If your followers fall below 1,010 within 30-days of the email saying your order is complete, then we will refill the difference for free, one time.

We will never delete or remove your followers – we literally can’t. If your followers drop, it’s because Spotify deleted them. The only way to keep your follower count high is to get real followers or to keep buying bots to replace the ones that Spotify deleted.

We recommend one of our monthly subscription services to keep your counts high.

You can read more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Does Not Include “Monthly Listeners”

This guarantee does not apply to “Monthly Listeners” or any package that contains monthly listeners.

“Monthly Listeners” need to be ordered each month if you want to maintain your monthly listener count.

Ask Questions

Please ask questions before ordering and verify both the product and the URL to avoid confusion.

Our Policies

When you purchase from us, you have to check the "I have read the Terms and Conditions" checkbox which means that you agreed to the following policies whether you read them or not.

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Spotify Track Plays will give your band the confidence boost it needs to go after more gigs and promote your music to real people.


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