Spotify is a giant of the online music streaming world.

Indeed, over 65 million people were expected to use it in America this year.

It’s no small wonder. After all, it’s free (unless you go Premium)! You get instant access to masses of your favorite music, without spending a dime.

Spotify benefits go even further though.

With enough Spotify followers, budding musicians and producers can showcase their work to the world. You can become known in the industry, build a reputation and expand your network.

It’s a powerful tool for anyone looking to get ahead with their music.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You need exposure in order to succeed. Like most social networks, to get noticed, you need to develop your following. Looking to do just that?

Keep reading to discover exactly how to increase your Spotify playlist followers.

1. Define Your Audience

Success on Spotify often starts with planning.

Treat it like a business. Throwing together a playlist on a random theme is easy. Anybody can do it. To win followers, you need to be strategic.

This often begins with a solid understanding of your audience. In simple terms, who is going to listen to your playlist? Define them to yourself! Create an ideal ‘target audience avatar’.

Think about their demographics, desires, interests, and tastes. With this in mind, you can approach the curation process with intent and purpose. It guides future decision-making.

Song ideas won’t be random. They’re picked with your audience in mind.

2. Do Something Different

Remember, there are tens of millions of people using Spotify.

Think of the number of playlists that have already been set up! How will you make yours stand out from the crowd?

You need to do something original. Generic playlists have been done a thousand times before. Nobody wants to follow another ‘Best Playlist in the World’.

Honing down into a category helps. One strategy is to ‘niche down’. What does that mean?

Well, take an overarching category. Let’s say, rock music. Instead of curating a ‘Best Rock Songs 2019’ playlist, you could put together a ‘Best Foo Fighters Inspired Rock Songs of the 90s’.

Niche playlists reduce your potential audience. However, you automatically stand out and will find it easier to gain followers.

3. Create a Compelling Title

Titles are always crucial to persuading people to view content.

Think about newspaper headlines. This is how they get your attention. They make them big, bold and engaging.

You can’t help but stop and pick up a copy. Take a similar approach with your Spotify playlists.

Try to be more descriptive with your titles. Again, generic headings like ‘The Best Playlist Ever’ are unlikely to succeed. After all, your potential audience knows nothing of the music they’ll find inside.

Summarize the music in a succinct and attention-grabbing way. Think “Lazy Sunday Morning Mo-Town”, or “Upbeat Party Anthems of 2019”. The title is what gets their attention; the content is what keeps them there.

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4. Keep Things Fresh

The best playlists get regularly updated.

It’s about remaining relevant to your audience. Freshly updated playlists will remain in vogue. Think about how fast people tire of things these days.

Things fall out of fashion in no time at all.

You can’t afford to rest on your laurels. It’s one thing to get a new follower. It’s another altogether to keep them.

Updating playlists over time (aka adding new tracks) will help you do it.

5. Leverage Social Media

Spotify has become its own social media platform of sorts.

However, aim to establish a presence on the mainstream platforms too. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, can all drive an audience to your playlists.

Set up a profile, post relevant, useful, and engaging content. Cultivating a loyal following means you can then share your Spotify playlists directly with them.

Don’t try and be everywhere at once, though.

It’s better to become established on one social platform before moving onto another. That way you can focus your efforts in one place, helping you gain traction.

Here are some top social media tips to get you started.

6. Undertake Playlist Promotion

Social media is a good start.

However, there’s always room for more marketing. The promotion of your playlists will be the driving factor in establishing a loyal Spotify following.

There are a huge number of ways to do it.

Some people see great returns from Reddit. Certain subreddits are specifically set up to promote and compare the best playlists. It’s a great way of sending organic traffic to your playlists.

Similarly, Spotify’s very own ‘Playlist Exchange’ is a community forum set up for this specific purpose. You post your music playlist with a description and mission-statement, for users to find.

7. Engage on Spotify

Engagement is always key to gaining a social following.

The same goes for Spotify. Simply interacting on the platform will help bring people to your profile.

It’s natural. You engage in a helpful way and develop a name for yourself in the process. Over time, you become increasingly recognized.

Think of it as virtual networking. Instead of showing up in person, though, you meet people on the platform.

Similarly, users are likely to reciprocate when you do something positive for them. Following others, commenting, sharing, and so on is sure to see your own profile grow.

Time to Get More Spotify Followers

There you have it: 7 top tips for gaining more Spotify followers in no time.

Spotify is a behemoth of the online music streaming world. Tens of millions of people in the United States alone use it to discover, share and listen to music.

As such, it becomes an incredible opportunity for budding musicians and producers too.

Spotify has become a social media platform in its own right. People can find and follow up and coming artists. It’s a golden opportunity to get your name out there and cultivate a following in the industry.

It takes work, though. Getting followers on Spotify can be difficult! Hopefully, the information in this post will help you do it with great ease.

Looking for Spotify support of any kind? Get in touch today to see how we can be of service.

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