As a musician or a band, you struggle to get your music “out there” for people to consume. With thousands of other musicians doing the same, you may start to wonder how anyone got anywhere in this business!

One option is just to purchase followers that will follow your updates and hopefully listen to your music.

A quick Google search will show that you have several options available to buy Spotify Plays and Followers, including from SpotOnFire.

So, let’s look at buying 1,000 Spotify Followers for $12.

1,000 followers for $12 is $0.012 or, roughly one penny per follower.

Think about that for a second – one penny per follower.

Before we even go further, you should already have alarm bells going off in your head because the math doesn’t work out and we haven’t even gone through the details.

How Can You Get A Real Spotify Follower For Only 1 Cent?

Let’s go through the math and a couple of options from a computer programmer’s point of view.

Method 1: We Pay Others To Follow You

This one is the simplest to wrap your head around.

You give us money and we give a portion of it to real people to incentivize them to follow your artist account or follow your playlist.

We could have a list of willing participants and somehow notify them that they should follow you. And in return, we would send them a portion of our revenue.

But, the math doesn’t make sense.

+0.0100 Revenue (One US Penny per Follower)

-Payments to Willing Participants
-PayPal Fees/Chargebacks
-Website Hosting
-Website Maintenance
-New Development Initiatives
-Other Operating Expenses

=0.00025 Net Profit per Follower

Extrapolated to 1,000 followers (1000 * 0.00025), would yield a $0.25 profit per order.

And, if we’re only making $0.25 per order, how much are the participants making? Definitely not enough to keep it up. They would quit within a day or two because it’s not worth their time.

Also, the timing doesn’t make sense.

It would take a significant amount of time to notify the users that they should follow you.

Even if we blasted a message out to 50,000 people, many of them will be asleep and others will just ignore the message. Some of them won’t see the message until several days later.

So, how do you get the 1,000 followers in only 1-3 days? And how do we stop the follows from coming in once we’ve reached the order limit?

If we sent out 5,000 emails and 1% of them respond then great, you got the 1,000 followers.

But we can’t control the open rate, so what if everyone is sitting around their house because of COVID-19?

The rate might jump to 3-5%, which would be way too many. How would we prevent too many people from jumping on the bandwagon? We don’t have enough money to go around, so we can’t let too many people “follow” you.

So, again, the logistics of this method don’t make sense.

Method 2: We ask people to let us use their real accounts, and in return, they get some money.

Let’s assume that there are some people that are willing to give us their username and password to let us use their Spotify accounts to like, follow, and play music, as long as we give them a little bit of the cut.

There are probably some legal issues here because it’s like sharing a Netflix password with your co-workers. The Spotify terms and conditions probably do not allow it (we assume).

Logistically, this method would make the most sense. However, the people that volunteered their passwords would quickly become annoyed at the Spotify algorithm that predicts what they should listen to next.

For example, let’s say a user gave up their password to make a bit of money on the side, but they primarily listened to Country music.

When they signed in the next day, their entire feed and suggestion list would be filled with electronica, Korean dance, rap, and death metal.

They would quickly unsubscribe in order to regain control of their account.

So, what’s left?

Method 3: Bots

There’s no easy way to say this, but every website that is selling followers, likes, plays, or whatever, are just using bot farms. That includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.

We can sell you likes/followers/whatever on each of these platforms, if you’re interested. 😉


There’s a reason that a professional media marketer is going to charge you $5,000/month with a 6-month minimum to promote your music for real.

If you don’t have that kind of cash, then we are your best bet to try and “fake it until you make it.”

It’s hard to get people to interact with your brand. It’s hard to market yourself. It takes time, perseverance, marketing skills, ingenuity, and then a lot more time to gain a loyal following. It’s just plain hard to do everything in this business.

That’s why people try the easy way to see if it works.

Protip: It frequently does.

Will it work for you? Let’s find out.

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