Spotify Monthly Listeners

Spotify monthly listeners are a metric for artists’ popularity. “Listeners” tracks unique users playing your music. If one person plays one song, that’s one listener. If that same person plays the same song over and over, then that still counts as only one listener.

Listeners are tracked on a rolling 28-day window, meaning that the person that played your song one time on the first of the month will drop from your “Monthly Listeners” metric by day 29.

To keep your monthly listeners number high, you will need to purchase listeners every month until you start getting natural, organic listeners. Don’t forget to account for the time it takes to process the order too. If you order 1000 monthly listeners at the end of your 28-day window, it will appear as if nothing happened because your listeners are dropping at around the same rate that we’re adding them.

Read more about Monthly Listeners at Spotify: Who are monthly listeners?

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