5,000 Listeners (Worldwide) [Subscription]

$32.00 every 3 weeks and a $10.00 sign-up fee

Free Spotify accounts located in tier 1 countries (USA/CA/EU/AU/NZ/UK) worldwide will play one random song to increase your "Monthly Listener" count. This product is for artists and bands, not regular Spotify user profiles.

Please note: We can not send monthly listeners to a specific track, yet. If you want to improve your track play count, you should order song streams instead.

Q. How long does it take?
A. Scroll down to view the delivery estimate on the "additional information" tab below.
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Q. Where can I see my monthly listeners count?
A. You can see your monthly listeners count in the Spotify desktop app on your artist profile page.

"Monthly" listeners do not actually play your music every month. It's a rolling 28-day window that counts the number of unique plays of your track(s) during that time. To keep your "monthly listener" count high, you would need to order this product every 15-20 days or so.

Here's another thing to consider when you order Spotify Monthly Listeners:

If you ordered 5,000 Monthly Listeners from us on March 1st and they were delivered by March 5th, your Monthly Listeners metric will drop sharply around April 2nd (28 days later).

If you order another 5,000 Monthly Listeners from us on March 31st, we will deliver your listeners around the same time that your original 5,000 listeners start expiring, which makes it seem like we didn't fulfill your order. What happened was that you are running into the rolling 28-day window, and your listeners are dropping at the same rate that we are adding them. This is normal. After both orders finish, you will end up with 5,000 listeners, not 10,000.

We now offer a recurring monthly subscription to keep your listener count high.

Important: This subscription occurs every three (3) weeks, not every month. That’s because we need to start the next order before the next 28-day rolling window starts.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for details.

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