While the web has certainly made it easier for music lovers to find new recording artists, it’s also created a situation where new virtual records are often lost in the ether because of the large number of songs that get posted online on a daily basis.

Some enterprising artists and their promoters have elected to buy Spotify monthly listeners so that they can help illustrate how popular they really are.

When an artist purchases these listeners, it forces their artist profile to appreciate in Spotify’s rankings. Eventually, it should rank high enough so that other people will want to check out the feed.

Spotify tends to rank its feeds based on how many people have added a particular artist to their favorites. So this can drastically improve the chances of organic leads latching onto their music.

US recording artists listen to music on their iPhone, MacBook Pro, and AirPods
Recording artists buy Spotify Track Plays

Those who buy Spotify monthly listeners are traditional artists who are just starting out, but this is also proving an attractive option for those who are experimenting with a new sound.

Musical acts who are transitioning away from a heavier or grittier sound might end up with a more radio-friendly image, but they might lose some of their original listeners in the process.

By purchasing a few leads, artists can ensure that their attrition rates will be much lower in the changeover process.

In some cases, they might end up experiencing a net gain as more people flock to follow them on Spotify.

Those who want to learn more can visit Spot on Fire at https://www.spotonfire.com for more information.

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