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The 5 Best Free Audio Editing Programs for Independent Musicians

It’s easier than ever to be an independent musician today. There are more platforms out there to broadcast your music. There are also more avenues and cheaper studio equipment than ever before, along with some great programs to edit audio that musicians can use. These come in handy when you’re making specific tracks that involve a lot of effects which wasn’t the case before.

Even 10 years ago, this type of premium software could only be available to the biggest studios. Now, however, there are some free options that will not only get the job done but do the job well.


HYA WAVE has one of the best track records for independent musicians

It would be unfair to call HYA-WAVE barebones, but it is a pretty basic sound editor.

That’s not to say that it isn’t capable. It’s one of the best options for independent musicians out there.

The software is a web-based sound editor that can be used to cut and export audio flawlessly. There are also pretty great effects for your audio.

This is pretty much the best audio editor you can get for altering your live recordings on the spot. You won’t require any installation or premium membership. You won’t even need to make an account for this. You can simply start by dragging and dropping the sound file on to the upload space. From there on in, you can take the wheel.

It’s also great if you want to edit and put up podcasts. If you want to upload a small sample of your recordings on Twitter or SoundCloud, then this is your best option. It’s quick and clean and it works on all platforms. This is the advantage that comes with being based on HTML5.

As for negatives, it’s not a full-featured audio editor.

If you want greater capability and more premium quality, you can get better alternatives for free.

This is the best option you have to get the job done quickly though. Just type in https://wav.hya.io/#/fx and get to work.

2. Soundation

Soundation is probably the best free multi-track editing tool out there

If multi-track editing is your game, then Soundation is the name you’re looking for. Soundation is known for its multi-track editing capabilities. While it is a lot like Hya Wave, a browser-based editor, it’s much more capable. It’s a fully-functional Digital Audio Workstation for some. That definition may be disputed by others though.

However, there’s no denying that Soundation features a lot of multi-track editing options and MIDI instruments. There are also some great non-destructive editing techniques that you can use for full-scale music production. What this basically means is that your recordings stay lossless, for the most part.

Soundation also has a lot of Dynamic Mixing and EQ effects that can be great for podcasts. For those wanting even more, there is a paid version of the editor. It features greater sound quality exporting and automation options. The free version isn’t blessed with these options.

You can sign up for a monthly subscription for Soundation for as little as $1.99 a month. The pricing goes up to $6.99 a month for advanced features like 5GB worth of audio imports and 12000 loops and effects.

3. Garageband

Garageband is revered among iPhone and Mac users

If you’re a Mac, iPad, or iPhone user, you’re very familiar with this product. It was announced when the iPad and the iPhone 4 came out. This software tool allows independent artists to compile and edit their songs. A lot of people that started making music with just an iPad and an old microphone on YouTube started with Garageband. It’s very simple to use and allows for multi-track editing. It also has a visual aesthetic that Apple is quite famous for.

Not only does it allow you to add multiple tracks and edit them together, but it has great presets. Hence, you can add a lot of instruments that will help you create an orchestral atmosphere. It’s one of those programs that are designed to look simpler than they actually are. With Garageband, you can make the most complicated compositions and learn along the way. It really doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

You can use this on your iPad or your Mac. It works perfectly with Final Cut Pro X, and you can exchange the files between your devices easily. With the best audio and graphics processors on Apple devices, this will help you make a masterpiece.

However, as you’ve probably guessed, this is a locked product. It can only function within the iOS ecosystem. Hence, if you’re a Windows OS user, then you can forget about it. Also, if you’re an Android user, there’s nothing for you here.

You can download Garageband for the Mac here.

4. Audacity

Audacity is considered the best audio editor free software out there

Audacity is probably the first name you hear when you look for audio editor free software tools. It’s made a name for itself among audiophiles, independent creators, and professional musicians as well. The first time I heard of it was on a how-to guide on analog to digital transfer many years ago. It’s remained resilient since that time and has simply risen in reputation.

Simple tasks like pasting and cutting audio clips as well as recordings are easy on Audacity. There is a huge library of effects on Audacity as well. These include effects like simple reverb and even the Paulstretch effect. Audacity ranks right up there with the best audio editing software that money can buy. This is not a personal opinion, but something that has been decided by consensus. If you want something that will give you the best experience for free, there is nothing out there that beats audacity.

5. Acoustica Basic Edition

Acoustica’s basic edition has been discontinued, but older versions still work

Acoustica is a program that you may not have heard of before. However, it’s one of the best free audio editors out there. This allows you to make your own recordings and open files from your own PC. It even allows you to import tracks straight from CDs.

There’s no free edition of the newest version of the program. However, you can still get the free version of Acoustica 6, the penultimate version. It’s a shame that the company has decided not to continue the free product. This may give you some pause about continuing with this if you’re a long time fan. However, it still has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. If you’re looking for an audio editor that gets the job done well, then this is something you’d love to use.

For example, it allows you to cut and paste audio easily. It also has great support for things like DirectX and VST plug-ins. It also has support for editing multi-tracks.

The program is only available for Windows, however. If you’re on a Mac, this might not be for you. You can download the basic edition of Acoustica from here.

These great programs will help you improve your audio editing and music editing game. They will not only provide you with some great tools but also improve the sound quality of your music. Just remember to seek out tutorials and explore these programs. Don’t just stick to the cutting and pasting and reverb effects that everyone goes for. Be unique, be artistic. Be bold. Good luck!

10 Best Free Guitar Tuner Apps

Guitars are considered to be the coolest musical instruments in the world.

Unlike pianos, saxophones, and flutes, guitars dominate the world of music. If anyone goes up to sing on stage, they are usually seen with a guitar.

You could argue that the tradition started with the Beatles. You could also say that it started with the minstrels who played ballads to entertain medieval kings.

Whatever the reason, the guitar is here to stay. There has been an explosion of paid and free guitar tuner apps around the world. That’s a good thing too since more musicians are trying to break into the music industry than ever before.

So for all of you who want to tune their guitars without a hassle, here are the best free guitar tuner apps.

How Do I Tune My Guitar with a Tuner App?

The basic protocol that all guitar tuner apps follow is putting their guitars next to their microphones. Then, they play certain notes on the guitar and the tuner tells them which note is playing. By tightening their strings, they can get the exact chords they need.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner

This is considered to be the top guitar tuner
Click image to download

The Chromatic Guitar tuner app is often considered the gold standard when it comes to guitar tuners.

The app is equipped with a digital tuning fork for those who need it. It’s great for tuning a wide variety of musical instruments including a guitar, piano, violin, and cello.

It has various modes that you can use to tune your guitar, including Chromatic, tuning fork, and automatic mode. However, there is no need to switch between the modes if you’re tuning a guitar.

If you’re looking for the best guitar tuner app, you don’t need to look any further.

The Chromatic guitar tuner is only available on the Google Play Store.

Cifra Club Tuner

Cifra is great for acoustic guitars
Click image to download

This is one of the best free guitar tuner apps on the market.

It’s compatible with both tablets and smartphones and is a great app for beginners.

The app isn’t limited to beginners since the interface allows people of all playing levels to use it, and the latest version of this app is available on the Android Wear smartwatches too. Hence, you don’t even need to have your phone with you for it.

The user-friendly nature of the app means that you will never feel perplexed when tuning a guitar.

This app is available for both Android and iOS.


Cleartune is generally considered to be pretty good
Click image to download

Cleartune is a renowned chromatic tuner.

It takes the built-in microphone in your device and then accurately allows you to tune it.

The app’s interface is great too, and it allows you to tune the guitar with a tuning wheel.

The app is also paired with a fine-tuning meter that can help to get the right note.

This app can be used for various musical instruments, besides a guitar. You can use it to tune electric and acoustic guitars as well as brass, pianos, woodwinds, etc. It’s so simple that even a beginner can use it without much difficulty.

This app is available for iOS and Android systems.

Fender Tune

Named after the iconic guitar this app has loads of options
Click image to download

The Fender Tune app which is named after the iconic electric guitar used by many rock musicians is fantastic.

It has 26 different tuning modes that can tune different types of musical instruments. For example, you can tune an electric and acoustic guitar, but also a ukulele and a bass. You can also tune a piano and several wind instruments.

The best part about the Fender Tune app is that its algorithm provides enhanced pitch detection. This allows for a fast and accurate tuning experience. There are also illustrated tips included to help you tune your guitar.

Fender tune is available on both Android and iOS.

Tuner Lite

Tuner Lite offers some of the most accurate guitar tuning options
Click image to download

Tuner Lite uses the built-in microphone of your device like all the others, but its customization option sets it apart from the rest. It has transposition and custom temperament presets installed. This means that you’ll be able to tune your guitar for different shades of music.

If you want to play the blues or pop or something else, you’ll be able to get the tone right.

You can go for the pro version of the app if you want the additional fine-tuning display.

This app is available on both Android and iOS.


Yousician is great for novices
Click image to download

This is an app that is made for beginners through and through. Along with a tuner it offers step by step tutorials as well.

The app has a feature that lets you play and listen to feedback from the app. This means you’ll have a teacher that will be giving you advice while you get better. This makes Yousician one of the best apps for tuning guitars for beginners.

Yousician is available on both Android and iOS.

Chords & Tabs 

Chords & Tabs stands shoulder to shoulder with the best guitar tuners out there
Click image to download

This is an extension of the site Ultimate Guitar, where everyone goes to get chords for songs. This is where the app shines and is considered one of the best apps for tuning guitars.

It has a library of hundreds of thousands of lyrics and chords. It also has a killer tuning option which is more accurate than anything out there.

For many, this is the gold standard app out of them all.

It’s one of the oldest apps for tuning guitars as well. It’s at least a decade old by now. For iOS at least, this is considered to the best guitar tuner. Chords and Tabs are available on both Android and iOS.

Pro Guitar Tuner

Pro Guitar tuner is a great addition to your music app library
Click image to download

This is a guitar tuning app that is well-reputed.

It has a website and it enables its users to use the computer for tuning.

It is a chromatic tuner and supports a lot of non-stringed instruments as a result.

The app also has a feature to listen to the sound from the guitar clip-on or the headset. Hence, it not only uses the built-in microphone but external mics as well.

This is why this app is used by a lot of professional guitarists to deliver high-quality songs. The tuning this app gives is considered to be the gold standard for the best free guitar tuner app.

Pro Guitar Tuner is available on both iOS and Android.

Smart Chords & Tools

Smart Chords & Tools is a great all-in-one app
Click image to download

While the others that are on this list may be better at tuning, this one has so many options you’ll want.

Smart Chords & Tools is an all-in-one app that ticks almost every box you could think of.

It’s suitable for beginners and professionals.

It offers a great range of chords and many fingering options. It also has a lot of interlocking tools including scales, metronome, arpeggios and a reverse chord finder.

The app also includes 350 presets which allow you to tune different instruments. Left and right-handed people can use it quite well since it supports both modes.

Smart Chords & Tools is only available on Android.


These guitar tuners apps are some of the best in the world. They can help you tune almost any major instrument that you can get your hands on and then some.

However, the best for you may differ from the best on the list. You need to find out which one is best for you.

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10 Best Music Production Software for New Musicians

If you’re thinking about going pro with your music talent, you’ll need a great program to produce it. With the myriad advancements of technology, there are a great many options you can consider. Here is a list of the best music production programs on the market today.

Before you pay full price for any music creation software be sure to check Amazon for academic versions (if you’re qualified) to save money.


Garageband is the default music production program created by Apple to produce music
Garageband was heavily promoted on the iPad

You may remember this being heavily promoted when the iPad came out. It has since then become a popular app for mixing and producing music on the go. It’s also available on the Mac. It doesn’t run on Windows or Android though, so you’re out of luck if you have either of those.

Available for free, Garageband will allow you to do most basic mixing and editing effects for your tracks. It will also allow you to insert multiple instruments and preset tracks in you want. The UI is also very intuitive, with simple drag and drop gestures working for most controls.


  • Streamlined recording
  • Available for free
  • High-quality virtual instruments built-in


  • Only for Apple users
  • Only basic tools available, so not much use for advanced music editing


Audacity is a great free tool for audio editing

I remember first hearing about audacity in a tutorial for converting analog tapes to digital files. It’s one of the best music production programs out there, especially since it’s free, hence Audacity’s popularity as the most downloaded audio recording software in the world.

It’s mostly aimed towards beginners, so new musicians will find it extremely helpful. There are controls for noise reduction, looping, and slowing down tracks and other effects that can improve audio quality.

There are also options to add tons of plug-ins and other comprehensive features. However, it can seem cluttered and unrefined at times. Keep in mind that this isn’t something that the pros use, it’s just for newcomers. Even so, the program’s ease of use and number of options has made it extremely popular.


  • Great sound quality
  • Richness of features
  • Many plug-ins and enhancements


  • Cluttered interface
  • The UI isn’t as intuitive as Garageband


Hya-Wave is an even better bargain than audacity
Hya-Wave is possibly the greatest value for money option on this list

This is for the absolute novices out there, as well as the extreme budget crowd. Here’s a program that doesn’t cost a cent, much RAM, or processing power. Hya-Wave saves you a lot of money and a lot of processing power on your laptop.

It’s understandable if you don’t have a high-end PC or Mac and are just looking to get by on a budget. Hya-Wave is just a web browser-based program that will let you copy, paste, cut, and record audio. It also features some pretty decent effects and allows sharing on social media accounts.

Don’t expect the moon from this though; it’s just bare bones music production software that is designed for complete novices. However, it’s a great place to start.


  • Easy to use
  • Available on any browser
  • Does decent work for free


  • Limited effects and plug-ins
  • No option for multi-tracking

Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools lets you use several industry-leading music production tools
Avid Pro Tools lets you use several industry-leading music production tools

Avid Pro is as close to the complete package as you can get without going to a recording studio. It has everything you will ever need to be an independent musician. It’s not cheap though, you have to pay up for this kind of quality.

Luckily there is a free version called the Pro Tools First app which gives you free limited access to most tools. You’ll get 16 audio tracks, 4 inputs, a gigabyte of space in the cloud and 16 instruments. All of this for free is an amazing deal.

However, if you’re looking to save all your music to the cloud, you’ll have to pay for more storage. You should go with your original cloud account or hard drive for storage.


  • The Pro Tools don’t have an equal
  • 16 instruments/Audio tracks are great, even for a professional musician


  • Limited Space
  • Requires a monthly/annual subscription for full services


Ardour is a full-featured music production program but it's not pretty to look at
Full-featured music production program, but it’s not pretty

If you’re looking for a full-featured music production program, this is it. Ardour runs on any platform, including Linux, works with any audio engine, and has great ripple edits built-in. However, its UI isn’t the prettiest or the most intuitive. There’s a steep learning curve for this program that you’ll have to put in the effort to climb.

However, you’ll thank your lucky stars that one of the best audio editors around is free. Not only does it have compatibility with most audio engines, but it’s also got all types of features you’ll need. You can cut together a track, clean up audio, reverberate, fade, and echo, etc.


  • Works with all audio engines
  • Has great MIDI capabilities 
  • Ripple editing effects


  • Non-intuitive interface
  • Not as powerful as Pro Tools

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is only available for Mac
Logic Pro X is only available for Mac

Now we’re entering the paid territory. None of these programs, from here on in, are free. The first program on this list is Logic Pro X. It retails for under $200, but it only works on Mac. There is a wealth of options for this program. The great selection of royalty-free loops alone makes this one of the best audio mixers around.

It features virtual instruments just like its smaller counterpart, Garageband. It can create 255 audio and MIDI tracks as well.


  • 15 insert effects
  • One of the more affordable audio editors on the market


  • Expensive when compared to free audio editors
  • Not compatible with PC

Steinberg Cubase Elements

Steinberg Cubase is expensive, and has a learning curve
Steinberg Cubase Elements is a solid choice for new musicians

Cubase Elements has a great UI as well as 3,500 pre-made royalty-free loops. That alone puts it on our best-of list. The interface looks clean and is easy to navigate, even for a beginner. There are also nearly 24 virtual instruments that you can play. 

Add to that the large loop library and the audio mixer which supports 16 insert and effects per channel, and you have a bargain. 


  • Costs just under $100
  • Has a plethora of royalty-free loops
  • Has an intuitive UI


  • The Installation can be tricky
  • Has a limited track count

FL Studio Producer Edition

FL Studio 12 Producer Edition lives up to its name
FL Studio Producer Edition lives up to its name

FL Studio Producer is not only a mouthful; it lives up to its name. Get this one if you’re delving into EDM and hip-hop. It offers great value for money because of its free lifetime updates feature. This is highly unusual for most paid music production programs.

It also has multi-touch support, a wealth of features, and a great UI. Order the box version from Amazon or download at Image-Line’s website.


  • Free upgrades forever
  • Customization and Usability is great
  • Hip-hop and EDM producers will find this especially useful


  • Included Plug-ins are lacking
  • Mac version is still in beta testing mode

Ableton Live

Ableton Live gives you access to a wealth of audio tracks
Ableton Live gives you access to a wealth of audio tracks

This is a great program to help you record music live. Ableton Live has seamless MIDI sequencing, and access to nearly 50 GB of royalty-free sound libraries. It’s also fairly easy to use. While the look is nothing to gawk at, it’s certainly a very capable piece of music-making software.


  • Access to 23 sound libraries
  • Has been growing since 1999, guaranteeing that it’s tried and tested by generations of music producers
  • Seamless MIDI sequencing
  • Great for recording live performances


  • Not the best looking interface

Order the box version from Amazon or download directly from Ableton’s website.

Steinberg Cubase Pro

Steinberg Cubase Pro is one of the best music production programs available
Steinberg Cubase is expensive and has a learning curve

Cubase Pro may not seem like one of the best music production programs at first glance, but it’s up there with the greatest. It gives you access to a lot of electronic sounds that you can recreate the Blade Runner soundtrack with.

Though it may be expensive and may require a learning curve, the investments of time and money are worth it.


  • Once you learn it, it is an extremely capable program
  • Gives access to a plethora of virtual instruments
  • Great for the EDM, hip-hop crowd


  • Expensive
  • Steep learning curve

With either of these production programs, you’re in safe hands. Whichever one you choose, you’ll get to learn a lot and produce great sounding music. Just remember to keep working on yourself and rising through the ranks. Practice makes perfect.

Good luck on your musical journey!

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